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Planned Maintenance

Did you know that your heating system runs about 1400 hours a year?  And your cooling system runs about 1600 hours a year?  That is over 58 days of heating, and 66 days of cooling.

Let's put this in perspective.  A car driven for 66 days at 55 mph would travel 88,000 miles; 58 days at 55 mph would travel 77,000 miles.  No one would ever want to travel those distances without having some maintenance.  Such as oil change, lubrication, tune-up, tire and break service, etc.  Service is essential to operate a car safely, efficiently and reliably. 

You rely on your heating and cooling system to serve you more than your car and like your car it requires routine service and maintenance to operate safely and efficiently.

Senior Mechanical, Inc.  offers and recommends a planned maintenance service contract.  This service agreement provides a spring and fall system check, a routine service, along with discounted flat rate for any repairs, plus the diagnostic fee is waived if you should need a repair.  Emergency service is also billed at a discounted rate, and service contract customers receive top priority during emergency situations, (Heat waves, Extreme cold, etc.)

The last thing on your mind should be whether or not your heating or cooling system is operating safely and efficiently.  Let Senior Mechanical, Inc.  keep you comfortable and worry free.




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